Sophie's Choice predominantly highlights working breeds that are currently impounded around Australia and in need of a home (e.g. Border Collie, Australian Cattle Dog, Australian Kelpie, Koolie, Australian Shepherd). Impounded dogs of other breeds may also be featured - whatever Miss Sophie demands!

The listings are purely Sophie's choice... with some input from her "siblings".

The listed dogs are not in foster care, therefore most are in urgent need. They can be adopted directly from the relevant pound or shelter by members of the public. Please use the contacts provided on each listing if you require further information or if you're interested in adopting the dog. Pound and shelter staff are often knowledgeable of, and can suggest, appropriate transport options if you find your perfect animal companion is impounded in a distant location.

This website is merely a portal to assist people looking to adopt these types of dogs, thereby also (hopefully) helping the dogs to be saved from the pound!



      Pounds are required by law to keep lost pets and strays for a short period of time before euthanasia (to enable their owners to find and re-claim). This law varies from State to State, with some holding times as little as 3 days! There is also an exception, i.e. when a pet is surrendered to the pound by the owner, it may be euthanased at any time. Because of these reasons, listings will have a high turnover rate on this site. Aside from council pounds, there are also some shelters listed - of which some have a no-kill or low-kill policy. These dogs are still housed in a pen or cage and need adoption into a loving home environment.

If a dog's "due date" for euthanasia is known, it will be provided on each listing.



      Sophie's Choice is a voluntary service and all information is gathered from publicly accessible sources. Therefore, no responsibility is taken as to the accuracy of the information contained herein. If interested in adopting any of the dogs, contact the pound/shelter ASAP for further information or to ascertain if that dog is still available. Whilst this website is updated regularly, Sophie's Choice accepts no responsibility if any of the dogs are no longer available or if a pound's own public records are incorrect or out of date.



      Any information on this website regarding a dog's temperament, behaviour, age or breed is provided as a guide only and is not guaranteed by Sophie's Choice. The information provided is given in good faith only and derived from sources believed to be reliable at the time the dog was observed.